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How can your students build their tech resilience? Come learn about Problem Solving in CS and Building Tech Resilience with Microsoft! To help students and educators build these skills, Microsoft developed a series of mentoring toolkits, which you'll learn about during this meeting.

We expect to see 150 million tech or tech-adjacent jobs over the next five years. Those who create with technology will shape our future, and there shouldn't be barriers to learning the skills required to do so. To help meet this demand, we must make technical and non-technical learning more accessible to anyone who wants to learn. We must evolve industry and academic partnerships. We must address gaps in digital platforms to facilitate seamless and collaborative learning. We must help build a more inclusive future by fostering culture change, increasing diversity, and enabling a sense of belonging.

Join us to learn about:

  • Our approach to inclusive problem framing and solving for complex topics like experiential learning, tooling, mentorship, culture change, and curricula
  • New learn-to-code curricula created in partnership with NASA, Wonder Woman, Netflix, Lebron James
  • New evidence-based problem-solving, collaboration, and resilience curricula called "life changing" by students who opted to stick with rather than drop out of CS1 Fall 2020 after going through it